Monday, June 2, 2008

Three Years Old?!

I can't believe it. Dagny turned three years old yesterday. Three! She can go to preschool next year if she gets toilet-trained! My baby in school? *shrieks and faints*

I remember being pregnant. I don't remember it being that long ago, but I guess it was. She holds up her three little fingers and beams. "Three, mommy. Three!" Amazing.

Her party went very well. We had about 20 kids and with their parents, I must admit I was very glad it didn't rain. All those people in my house would have been a bit awkward! But we had a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, and I didn't plan any activities, I just put out lots of toys for free play and it went great. We had bubbles, the swing set, balls, a frisbee, balloons, the grass, silk flowers, that sort of thing. They had a good time. We had cake around four and presents after that so people could go home for dinner or stick around and play a bit more. We got the whole yard cleaned up before I had to go to rehersal and Marc took care of the inside.

She got more presents than she needs, of course, so I think one of these days i'm going to have a toy cleanup and remove a bunch of her old toys and box them away, to be unveiled later if she needs a boost. I think that'll work pretty well, since she doesn't need to have all those toys at once and a lot of them are just little junky toys she picked up here and there, like from her grandpa's happy meals. Yes, my father buys happy meals. Don't tell.

It was a great weekend, too. On Saturday, Mom, Dad, and I took Dagny to the zoo while Marc had a business meeting, then we all met up for lunch. Again, great weather, so the zoo was quite a treat. We even got to watch the bears take a bubble bath, which was endless entertainment for Dagny. She also saw a monkey breastfeeding, which puzzled her a bit, but she remembered doing that. We talked about it a bit, quietly, and the monkey seemed to have no problem with us being that close. It was very neat.

A note on the adoption, the wait times seemed to have increased. We probably won't go until early spring of 2009 to get our son. It really hurts and I'm not sure I can really talk about it a lot yet, but I keep telling myself that God has a plan and I'm just along for the ride.