Friday, January 8, 2010

Will the Snow Never End?

December was insane. Getting ready for Christmas and meetings at work really kept me so busy I couldn't think straight! But let's see - a family update.

Let's start with the snow. We had 20 inches of snow over Christmas, which led to us being trapped in the house for three days. Not that bad, considering, but then a few days ago, it snowed AGAIN and this time, there were high winds. We ended up closing the library on Wednesday afternoon at 2 (school closed at 1:30) and staying closed on Thursday. Friday, the school was STILL closed, but we opened at 11, mainly because none of us wanted to stay home anymore. So it's a quiet day today, but people are coming - they have things they need to get done, too!

The job is great. I love being a librarian. It's awesome. I write, I read, and I get to talk to people about books. Does it get any better than that?

Marc is getting things squared away at Transit and everyone in the community is glad he's there. He does a good job and keeps things in line - the system is running better now with him than it has with anyone else. I am so proud of him.

Dagny is learning to spell and she can read some words, though not many. She's drawing more and starting to make up songs and dances, which is hilarious. She's in love with My Little Ponys and a stuffed beaver we bought in Minnesota.

Sintu got his testicle fixed right before Christmas and did very well. It only slowed him down for a few days, after which he was back to normal. He still tried to play the pity card sometimes, which is very funny when he bats those big brown eyes and tells me "Mommy, my dinkus hurts..." LOL!

Christmas was great! My parents got in just before the storm and the kids were ecstatic that grandma and papa were staying with us for a week! They stayed a few days longer and took care of the kids while I went to work, since our new daycare is not open between Christmas and New Years - the library is open, though, so I needed places for the kids to go. I think they all had a good time!

The kids made out like bandits at Christmas, with new clothes, a basketball hoop, books, toys, and music. Did I ever get that many presents as a kid? I can't remember.

New Years Eve was really fun, too. We got a babysitter (first time since Dagny was born) and went out with two other couples: Magnussons and Baerenwalds. We started the evening having dinner at Bracco in Sioux Falls (fantastic) and then tried a few bars before ending up in Hardwick, where they had a mechanical bull. Much to my embarassment, I rode it. I got thrown twice, but now I can say that I've done it! One more strange experience for me! We then drove back to Jasper because someone thought they had karaoke, but we were disappointed. No karaoke, so we had a few drinks and were home before midnight. We stayed up, though, and got our News Years kisses!

Hope that the bginning of 2010 is treating everyone well, even if it is -17 degrees with a -45 windchill. Yes, it's darn cold here. I'm wearing wool socks and long underwear and I'm still cold! Anyone got hot chocolate?