Monday, April 20, 2009


Why is it that toddlers always learn something extremely annoying and negative as their first sentence? Sintu has learned "No" which he uses all the time and now: "I want it!"

He screams this every time we tell him no or take a toy away that is not his, or remove his food from the table because he is playing with it. I'd laugh, because it's so shrill and demanding, but as I wrote before *never* laugh at the bad things.

This morning, he didn't have breakfast. He sat at the table with his cereal in front of him for 45 minutes and only took two bites the entire time, deciding that Kix were far more fun to play with than eat. Needless to say, I took it away from him, which prompted a screaming round, but 45 minutes? You've got to be kidding me.

On a good note, he has also learned to say "I did it!" which he says quite proudly whenever he does something we asked him to, like put away his shoes or put things in the garbage. Or, come to think of it, climbing in and out of his highchair. Yes, Terri Jo, my OTHER kid now does that, too. I still remember your face when you saw Dagny climb in for breakfast one morning.

Garbage...Sintu loves garbage. Not in a bad way, but because it gives him something to do. We could be downstairs (and there are two garbage cans down there) and Marc will say "Sintu, can you put this in the garbage?" And Sintu will very happily take it and go all the way upstairs to throw it away in the kitchen. He's getting more sturdy every day, so I guess all that practice on the stairs is a good thing.

Dagny is doing much better, though she still throws complete fits and doesn't seem to understand that he doesn't want to do everything she asks him to do. Sometimes, Sintu doesn't WANT to play with her and that really makes her mad. Oh well, she'll get used to it. It won't be long until she doesn't want to play with HIM and then the tables will be turned!

They've played outside finally, now that the weather is nice, and Sintu figured out the ladder up to the slide all by himself. He loves it, and swinging, and pushing people who want to swing, except he forgets to get out of the way and gets knocked down by Dagny when he pushes her. The first time he cried, now he just laughs.

Things are going well. I'm planning two birthday parties for the little people, monster trucks for Sintu and mermaids for Dagny, and we're getting ready to plant the garden this year. Gotta plan which plants to have since last year was my first learning year. We'll see what kind of harvest I get this time!


sadie said...

I love that your kids are climbers. I also love rhubarb. Do you have any to share? Like a cutting we can plant or something? We might be down for mermaids.

alisa said...

Fun reading...glad life is well for the Hall gang (well, at least in between tantrums)!!